Sectors and clients

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IRB Europe has worked in most activity sectors; some of the areas in which we have particular experience are listed here:

  • Study on the Euro: telephone survey of opinion leaders in countries of the euro area
  • Study of the potential of Green Transport: telephone interviews with key European players
  • Study on young people's attitudes vis-à-vis social issues: 1200 telephone surveys in six global cities
  • Study on public attitudes towards GM products: group discussions among knowledgeable consumers, Brussels and Birmingham.
  • Study of Satisfaction with public services: study on-line with companies registering products in Belgium
  • Evaluation of a public information campaign: 1000 online interviews and focus groups in Wallonia
  • Study on working conditions: 3500 interviews in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Study on racism: 1000 interviews among ethnic minorities in Belgium

IRB Europe has worked for a wide variety of clients: