Sectors and clients

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IRB Europe has worked in most activity sectors; some of the areas in which we have particular experience are listed here:

  • Pricing study of spare parts for building controls: phone study in Western Europe, Scandinavia and Russia
  • Competitive analysis in building materials: in depth study of main supplier: UK, Italy
  • Study to support launch of new construction machine: face to face, then phone survey with construction companies across Europe and Middle East
  • In depth study to understand usage of small excavators: face to face on-site interviews with end users in Germany, UK and France
  • Image and awareness of construction crane manufacturer: studies in Benelux and Middle East
  • Pricing study of large excavators: mystery shopping by phone and face to face visit to dealers in Turkey
  • Study of air conditioning systems in shopping centres: phone and face to face interviews in France and UK
  • Study of the market for generator sets: phone interviews to dealers in Europe, Turkey + Middle East
  • Development research studies for new forklift truck designs: operator clinics, focus groups and phone interviews across Europe
  • Market sizing and trends in industrial cranes: phone interviews with manufacturers, distributors and dealers across 6 European countries

IRB Europe has worked for a wide variety of clients: