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Here is some information about us:


IRB Europe regularly carries out surveys across the whole of Europe, from Ireland to Russia, from Sweden to Spain, as well as in other markets such as North and South America, the Middle East, India and China.

All research, whether conducted face-to face, by telephone or on-line, is conducted in local language.

Some recent examples

1. Improving relationship with dealers

Research objective: An automotive parts supplier wanted to improve his relationship with his dealers.
Action: 65 face-to-face semi-structured interviews with managers of dealerships, across 9 countries.
Outcome: in-depth analysis and prioritization of the issues, with many easy-to-implement solutions.

2. Maximizing profit in the service business

Research objective: A service company needed to optimize the price-position of his business.
Action: 3000+ on-line interviews with customers, measuring price against quality in a conjoint analysis.
Outcome: a calculation of the optimum price point in order to maximize gross profit for the client.

3. Tracking brand penetration in the licensed trade

Research objective: A drinks company needed to track his brand availability and visibility.
Action: 4000+ interviews annually in channels such as cafés, hotels and sports centres.
Outcome: tracked changing brand penetration of over 200 client and competitive brands to support actions of the sales team.

You will find more examples of studies on the Sectors and clients page.