focus group

Face-to-face interviews in EMEA

IRB Europe has an established network of associate local field operations in most markets in Europe and the Middle East. Their interviewers and moderators carry out face-to-face interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping visits, and other in-person activities.

Telephone interviews

IRB Europe has its own CATI-based telephone research centre, with a team of over 200 interviewers working in their native language, from French to Turkish, from Swedish to Russian.

On-line research

Typically many quantitative consumer studies are carried out quickly and economically on-line, via our worldwide panel partner with upwards of 100,000 panellists in each country.

Belgium and Luxembourg field force

In Belgium and Luxembourg, IRB Europe has its own national face-to-face field force; we carry out regular large studies of 3000+ respondents, or smaller studies such as product tests and qualitative interviews.